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NSW Mini Trots Attends Breeders Challenge 2022

New South Wales Mini Trot Association attended Breeders Challenge event at Menangle Park Saturday night.

Participants from all our affiliated clubs were invited to attend in 3 different height categories

Many of the drivers were on the big stage for the first time and enjoyed the experience.

Midgets was won by Lancelot for Eva Turnbull from She’s Got Attitude driven by Savannah Farrugia and Caitlyn Ward brought Seven home for third

Shetlands was a win for Betty’s Boy and Shaiila Ogilvie from Yaya’s Hot Chief and Kane Glasby with Spotted Getaway third for Mason Bigeni

Clare Carroll driving Come on Frankie we’re too strong in the Pony section from Cruiser Rowan Wiggins and Rylee Kiddle finished third aboard Ruby’s Gem

New South Mini Trots thank HRNSW for sponsoring the event.

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