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New South Wales Mini Trotting Association

Membership for NSW Mini Trotters is open for children ages 5 to 17. 

Upon reaching the age limit, many young drivers continue their association with harness racing by gaining a stable hand, driver or trainer's license. A number of former members have gone onto a successful career in the senior version of harness racing. Some members have become successful radio stars after starting out calling mini trots as the commentator. Others have gone into official sides of the sport including stewards of senior harness racing events.

There would come a tiime that these young enthusiasts will grow up and will have to graduate NSW Mini Trotting. 


There are a number of NSW Mini Trotters who pursued a career at Harness Racing Australia. 

The New South Wales Mini Trotting Associatin (NSWMTA) and Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) would like to congratulate the Graduates Batch 2020. Best of luck to all.

And for those continuing in harness racing industry, see you at the track 

  • ANFORTH, Emily

  • BROWN, Jack

  • BERESFORD, Mason

  • CASSAR, Isabella


  • HARRIS, Brooke

  • OSMOND, Taylah

More photos of the 2019 Graduates will be uploaded weekly.

Harness Racing Photography and Mini Trots Photography by

Clarinda Park Photography.

The Graduates Batch 2020

If you (or people you know) were a member of NSW Mini Trotting Association and are active in Harness Racing Industry, send us your details, and we would be happy to put your record in "The Graduates" page of NSW Mini Trotting Association website.

Feel free to contact us:


Send your pictures and details such as:

  • Photos during the NSW Mini Trotting days and Harness Racing days.

  • Brief description of your experience at NSW Mini Trots.

  • Brief description of your career at Harness Racing Industry (as stewards, drivers, trainer, owner, announcer, etc).

  • How did NSW Mini Trotting influence (and help) your career in Harness Racing now?

  • And maybe a quotable quote.

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