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New South Wales Mini Trotting Association

Membership for NSW Mini Trotters is open for children ages 5 to 17. 

Upon reaching the age limit, many young drivers continue their association with harness racing by gaining a stable hand, driver or trainer's license. A number of former members have gone onto a successful career in the senior version of harness racing. Some members have become successful radio stars after starting out calling mini trots as the commentator. Others have gone into official sides of the sport including stewards of senior harness racing events.

There would come a tiime that these young enthusiasts will grow up and will have to graduate NSW Mini Trotting. 


There are a number of NSW Mini Trotters who pursued a career at Harness Racing Australia. 

If you (or people you know) were a member of NSW Mini Trotting Association and are active in Harness Racing Industry, send us your details, and we would be happy to put your record in "The Graduates" page of NSW Mini Trotting Association website.

Feel free to contact us:


Send your pictures and details such as:

  • Photos during the NSW Mini Trotting days and Harness Racing days.

  • Brief description of your experience at NSW Mini Trots.

  • Brief description of your career at Harness Racing Industry (as stewards, drivers, trainer, owner, announcer, etc).

  • How did NSW Mini Trotting influence (and help) your career in Harness Racing now?

  • And maybe a quotable quote.


pursued a career in harness racing industry as horse harness driver. As of 2016-2017 season, she is still active in the harness racing industry. 

Nathan xuereb

"I started the mini trots when I was 5 with a pony called Sunny  Go Girl and finish with a grey pony called Smoke Cloud.
Later I made the transition into the Maxi Trots which I found very helpful and a good learning  curve.
I then moved to the big league  racing up against some of the best in the sport I know.
I work for a leading stable and working for my self as a farrier."

- Nathan Xuereb


"I first became a member of Newcastle Maitland Club when I was 13 after discovering mini trots while attending a picnic race meeting.

Mini Trots gave me a great passion for the sport and I also began assisting local harness trainers.
I applied for a position in Qld with the Dixon stable when I was 16 and worked there for 5 1/2 years before moving onto the Price/Miller Stable where i worked for another 5 1/2 years.
In 2009 I represented Queensland in the Australian Junior Drivers Championships.
I have driven over 600 winners but my most memorable night was at Albion Park when I won the 2yo (Group 1) and 3yo  (Group 2) Garrards Nursery Pace on the same night on Terror Time and Caesars Folly.

I currently drive in the Hunter Valley.
Harness Racing is a sport where you only get out what you put in."

-  Brad Cowen


"I started the mini trots when I was 5 years old being a fourth generation harness family in harness always was involved in horses. I had the opportunity to drive a lot of great ponies in that time as well as driving my own often drove others ponies to help people out. Mad Sassy was my favourite.

I then moved on to doing the Maxi Trots which was a great experience before heading into the race horses. I have always helped dad out around the stables also helped out some great stables in the Hunter area include the Formosa Racing Stables.

Beside driving/training and working the horses I have almost completed my diploma in child care."



 I have been working and driving horses for 10 years now, I moved on to harness racing straight after mini trots. I have won three Canberra driver premierships. One as a Jnr driver in 2008-2009 winning local driver of the year and  last season 2015-16 season I won local driver of the year and driver of the year. I have represented south west Riverina in the rising stars series in 2012 and came third which was a big thrill.

Mini trots was a big influence on my career in harness racing and I loved every minute of the mini trots!! It helped me prepare and learn the necessary skills before moving onto the bigger horses. I loved going to the championships and camping out with all the friends made through mini trotting. Mini trots was like a big family and I will cherish that.
In my first year as a driver another older trainer once said to me after a winner. Be nice to everyone on the way up ! Because you will meet them again on the way back down!

I have never forgot that because it is so true! 



I started mini trots in 2005 only done them for a couple of years as I started late the. Moved on to the big race horses and have acheived so much from then on like being in the rising stars,won the nsw vs qld driver, won the Sydney metro award worth $5000 , then my favourite was winning the big race on a Sunday at menagle group 3 worth $30,000 harness racing and will always be on my blood



Courtney Sutherland was involved in the tamworth mini trotting club she went to the inter dom with her pony one year. Now she has moved onto the next stage in racing as a driver and part owner.

Scotty-Jon Welsh

Scotty-jon Welsh started out in the mini trots. He drove my first star and mr fantangle. He moved onto harness racing in 2014 he won jr driver premiership at tamworth in his first year. His first offical race drive was at narrabri which he won on brother bill Shannon. Then the next season he was in a race accident at tamworth and  smashed his wrist and has had 3 operations. This put Scotty on the sideline up until this season 16/17. He helps train and he is also an owner.

Tom Ison

Tom Ison started out in the mini trots; he has moved onto harness racing. He helps his dad train them he is also a part owner of some of their horse. He went to the rising stars series in 2015. He has won the junior driver premiership at Tamworth twice.


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