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The NSW Mini Trotting Championships are conducted every year at Easter time. With over 100 races conducted over the WEEKEND, no one misses out on the excitement.

The 36th  NSW Mini Trots Championships will be held during on the Easter break of 2021. Further details will be sent out.

CHAMPIONSHIPS are held on the weekend of Easter break (Saturday & Sunday). Participants are welcomed from different Mini Trots clubs affiliated with New South Wales Mini Trotting Association, and from other State Mini Trotting Clubs.

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NSW Mini Trots Championships

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2021 NSW Mini Trots Championships Inform



When and Where is the 2021 NSW Mini Trotting Championships going to be held?

2021 NSW Mini Trotting Championships will be held on April 3-4, 2021 at Tamworth Paceway. April 2, 2021 (Friday) - Briefing of the participants. April 3, 2019 (Saturday) - Day 1: Championships April 4, 2019 (Sunday) - Day 2: Fun Day NSW Mini Trotting Association conducts the Championship every easter weekend. Friday is the briefing. Saturday is the Championship day. Sunday is the Fun Day.

How can i book stables for my ponies, and camping for my family?

- Stabling and Camping Forms are available via the NSW Mini Trots Championships page: Or you can click this link: STABLING and CAMPING Forms - Stabling and Camping forms have to be submitted to Jo Sheppard of Tamworth Paceway.

Would there be food available during the 2-day event (saturday & sunday)

The canteen at Tamworth Paceway will be opened and operational. We will update if there would be other food vendors available.

What happens on Day 1 of The Championships? (Saturday)

THE WEEKEND NSW MINI TROTTING CHAMPIONSHIP Day 1 - Saturday New South Wales Mini Trots and affiliated associations officials to organizing and conducting activities in relation to the NSW Championships Event will be conducted in accordance with the official "NSW Mini Trotting Association Inc. Rules and Regulations incorporating National Mini Trot Rules. At the NSW Championships there will be 3 Height divisions: 9 hands and under. 9 hands horses will start on 600 metres mark. Horses will move forward 10 metres for each inch in height they are under 9 hands. 9.1 to 10.2 hands high. 9.1 hands high will start on the 600 metres mark moving back 10 metres for each inch in height until the 10.2 marks are reached i.e. 650 metres mark. 10.3 to 13 hands High. 10.3 hands high will start from the 800 metres mark moving back 10 metres for each inch in height until the 13 hands mark is reached i.e. 890 metres mark.
Premeasuring – An independent measurer to measure all ponies. Measuring to be carried out Thursday/ Friday at the championships venue Winner of any "Group One" race conducted by the association or any other state controlling body (e.g. Championships, Inter-Dominion, and Miracle Mile etc.) shall be penalised ten metres for each such win at Championship (Group One) events.

Horses receiving a penalty of 10 metres for winning Group One events to carry that penalty should they move into another height division other than the one they received the initial penalty

Three (3) rounds of heats to be run in all (3) divisions

All horses competing with the association will be required to be micro chipped for identification purpose. Implantation must be recorded with the association on appropriate forms Failure to comply may result in horse being declared ineligible to compete within the association. Horses will permitted for 12 months (except championship events) before this rule will be enforced.

Three rounds of heats of 12 or less runners (one extra starter may be allowed when numbers make this necessary) for each of the three sizes

12 finalists in each of the three sections.
If ponies finish on equal points the following methods will be used
More than 12 in the final to a maximum of 14. Horses with fastest time to proceed to final. Count back based on placing’s.
N.S.W. executives plus chief Steward will have the discretion to add one or more ponies to the final field in exceptional circumstances eg. Where a horse wins 2 heats and is eliminated from the final through fault of officials or the driver being dislodged from the sulky through no fault of his/her own. (Not through broken gear.)

Point score: Winner of heats to receive 3 more points than second placed runner, second place to receive two more points than third place runner, remaining runners then receive one less point than the horse that was placed in front of them. All winners of heats to receive the same number of points regardless number of runners. (The last place in smaller fields will get more than one point)

If a horse withdraws from an event they will be unable to compete in future races on that day unless reasonable request is submitted to the stewards. This is to ensure all horses compete on equal terms

Should a driver nominate more than one pony in the same height division each pony to be placed in separate heats before the official draw is conducted

Horses and Junior Members wishing to compete at the ASSOCIATION MTA Championship must have completed in at least three (3) events conducted under race conditions on different days in the current season. Further, all children and ponies must be fully financial and fully qualified to compete at the MTA Championships or any other event at the time of nomination closure.
All children and ponies to be fully qualified to compete at NSW Championships at time of nomination closure

Notwithstanding any rule herein before the Association/Club committee may rule and act in a way they believe is in the best interests of Mini Trotting and all persons involved in Mini Trotting.

What happens on Day 2 of The Championships (Sunday)?

THE WEEKEND NSW MINI TROTTING CHAMPIONSHIP Day 2 - Sunday / Funday All ponies which raced on day one will be timed and the fastest time recorded will be used to provide the handicap mark on “fun day”. Only ponies which raced on day one day one will be permitted to compete on fun day. All registered children can drive in the Fun Day even if they didn’t race in the Championship as long as their horse competed in the Championship day.
ANNE MARIE HANCOCK MEMORIAL (a Group 2 event) After “Fun Day” nominations have closed, (at the same time as Championship nominations), the draw will be made with the Championship Draw The actual handicap marks will not be known until after DAY 1 racing when times are recorded. Each pony will contest two heats... (Points scored the same as for the Championship) Finals and consolations will then be run. All ponies will have raced at least 3 times on fun day.

When would the fields be going out?

As soon as the NSW MTA Executive Committee releases the fields, it will be posted via the facebook page and here in the website.