Leeton Mini Trots at Griffith Carnival of Cups

Once again the Leeton Mini Trotting Club were invited to Dalton Park by the Griffith Harness Racing Club to race at their Carnival of Cups Meeting on 9th November 2019. Ten Leeton Club ponies and their drivers took up the invitation and competed in three races over the evening - the third being the Mini Cup Race.

Leeton Mini Trotting Club at Griffith Carnival Of Cups Connor Ward, Ryan Ward, Jed Driscoll, Lachlan Symes(front) Shanae Best, Lily Painting,Shaiila Ogilvie,Rosie Reay and Lilah Trewin

Unfortunately, Little Midget stood down after the first race, when driver Rosie Reay parted company with her pony and gig on the home turn. In true Mini Trots style , Lilah Trewin gave Rosie the drive on Seven for the Cup race to finish the night in a happier way! Nice work Lilah!!!

Race1 :

1st : Wongalea Licorice - Lily Painting

2nd : Nanna Smoke - Jed Driscoll

3rd : Betty's Boy - Layla Forrest

Race 2 :

1st : Little Secret - Connor Ward

2nd : Mystery Nugget - Lachlan Symes

3rd : Run Bella Run - Shaiila Ogilvie

Carnival of Cups Midget Division

1st : Run Bella Run (Shaiila)

2nd : Seven (Rosie)

3rd : Cookie Monster (Shanae Best)

Carnival of Cups Shetland Division

1st: Little Secret (Connor)

2nd : Mystery Nugget (Lachlan)

3rd : Wangalea Licorice (Lily)

Carnival of Cups Pony Division

1st : Betty's Boy (Layla)

2nd : Nanna Smoke (Jed)

3rd : Jimmy's Girl (Ryan Ward)

Carnival of Cups trophies were presented to the children by Mr Peter Carney of Harness Racing NSW. Griffith Club also provided ice creams to the Mini drivers which were much appreciated.

As always the hospitality shown by the Griffith Club was much appreciated and we look forward to returning in 2020!



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+61 418 433 979