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2020 New Zealand Kidz Kartz

New South Wales has been invited to send a representative members to the 2020 Kidz Karts Drivers Series series to be held in New Zealand.

2020 New Zealand Kidz Kartz

To eligible Financial Junior Members of NSW Mini Trotting Association Inc., members are invited to apply to HRNSW through the NSW Mini Trot Association Secretary to be considered for selection.

Application should include years of experience (minimum 2 years) number of years involved, recognition that you are able of driving different ponies as well as personal profile.

Further in 200 words or less you are to articulate what being selected to represent NSW means to you and in another 100 words or less what your ambitions are into the future in harness racing.

  • Maximum age is 16yrs and 364 days as at 24th April 2020.

  • Minimum age is 11 years and 364 days as at April 24th 2020.

  • It is essential when making an application that leave from school has been confirmed.

  • Must be able to travel to New Zealand from April 21 to April 26 and have a current passport (Guardian also)


This years Drivers Series will be held Thurs 23rd April at Cambridge Raceway and at Alexandra Park on Fri 24th April. There will be 3 races each night for all Drivers. We are looking at initially give 12 invites to the clubs then if Pony numbers are sufficient we will increase this to 14 invites. We need to know your clubs representatives before 28th Feb. Bear in mind that all club representatives will have to be competent to compete on different Ponies in each race. We recommend that all Drivers must have been racing for at least 2 seasons.

Initial invites are as follows:

  • Kumeu - 2 invites

  • Franklin - 2 invites

  • Waikato - 2 invites

  • NSW - 2 invites

  • Taranaki - 1 invite

  • Canterbury - 1 invite

  • Southland - 1 invite

  • Otago - 1 invite

We are also proposing the following as a tentative itinerary:

  • Thurs 23rd morning - Meet & Greet

  • Thurs 23rd lunch - Fun activity

  • Thurs 23rd night - 3 Races & Presentation

  • Fri 24th night - 3 Races & Presentation

Applications close for consideration 5pm on Thursday March 12th 2020 emailed to

Daryll Jackson

35 Hall Street

Heddon Greta

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