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NSW Mini Trots Releases Its Representatives for Inter Dominion 2018

Inter Dominion (ID) was launched during the 1935-1936 season, and became the ultimate test of equine speed and strength in harness racing industry in Australasia. After a decade, Inter Dominion 2018 (ID18) is racing again in Melbourne. Visit the website

Mini Trots are mini versions of harness racing sports, and are operating in different states in Australia - Queensland Mini Trotting Sporting Association, Victoria Mini Trotting, and New South Wales Mini Trotting Association. Mini Trots aims to develop interest in harness racing sports at an early age.

Mini Trots will also compete and race during the Inter Dominion Finals on December 15, 2018.

Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) and New South Wales Mini Trotting Association (NSWMTA) have already chosen the representatives:

NSW Mini Trots Inter Dominion 2018 representatives | HRNSW | ID18 Mini Trots

MIDGETS division:

> “Fire Storm” to be driven by Sam Haslam

> “Midnight Express” to be driven by Grace Panella

SHETLANDS division:

> “Secret Mission” to be driven by Jemma Howard-Coney

> “Pocket Watch” to be driven by Brooke Harris

PONIES division:

> “Lumber Jack Willie” to be driven by Chloe Formosa > “Velvets Little Star" to be driven by Grace Panella

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