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UPDATE: NSW Mini Trots Releases Its Representatives for Inter Dominion 2018

The New South Wales Mini Trotting Association (NSWMTA) would like to announce the Ponies and drivers we are sending down to Melton Victoria on the 15th of December for 2018 Inter Dominion!

UPDATED: NSW Mini Trots Releases Names of Representatives to drive in Mini Trots Inter Dominion 2018 at ID18 Melton Victoria

Midget’s Pay the aces to be driven by Mason Beresford Midnight Express to be driven by Mia McMillan

Shetland’s Niydia to be driven by Jayla Beresford Secret Mission to be driven by Jemma Howard-Coney

Ponies Velvets little star to be driven by Grace Panella Lumberjack Willie to be driven by Chloe Formosa

The Executive committee would like to wish you the best of luck and remember to cherish this moment and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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