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Maureen Mordue Memorial

Pocket rocket Smokey Bear continued his good form with a win in the Maureen Mordue Memorial at Maitland Paceway on Saturday night. Ashton Wiggins saved every inch of ground coming down the fence line to run down Captain Oats driven by Harrison Wiggins while Tamworth visitor steered Andy's Cotton Candy home for third.

With 24 ponies including travellers from Tamworth and Bankstown heats to determined the final fields and with all heats keenly contested congratulations go to all members.

Special congratulations to Jayden Miles from the strong Miles Mini Mates team bringing Zooming Zac home for his first registered race win. Well done Jayden

New addition to team Cassar, Raffa made an impressive debut for Josh, while freelance driver Tyler Miles finishes third on another of the teams runner in Major Jiba. Starstider continues to improver each week and Olivia’s dedication is really showing on the track.

Strong performances on the night also included Little Lottie(Clare Carroll, One Hell of a Ride ( Rylee Kiddle), Hot Chilli Lily ( Levi Davis), That’s Oro ( Holly Bigeni) and Double O seven (Grace Campbell).

It was pleasing to see Maureen’s great grandson Noah Mordue participate in the event and although not successful he was excited to be a part of the event.

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