Season Opener

Newcastle Maitland Club held its first registered meeting at Newcastle Paceway on Saturday night.

Due to holiday traffic delaying our Bankstown traveller Starstrider arrived as the ponies were about to enter the track for their first event but with head strapper Brian racing through the car park in what looked like Tommy Woodcock bringing Phar Lap to the Melbourne Cup a quick harness up and a cool Olivia brought Starstrider home with a well-timed run to take out the first event of the season from Team Cassar pair Smash Em Dash and Get Em Jett driven by Amity and Brody.

Team Cassar continued their domination of the meeting with a 1/2 in the second event which saw the Isabella driven Chase Em Ace defeating Smash Em Dash and Jorja getting the bickies on Oreo third.

Final event resulted in a race to race double to Chase Em Ace for Isabella defeating stablemate Major Jiba driven by Josh with Jorja and Oreo picking up the crumbs for third.


Whilst early in the season look for improved run in coming weeks from the Kearsley connection pair Sexyniknowit and first starter Little Lottie for Zac and Clare Carroll. Mr Rocket Fuel clocked up some more frequent flyer points travelling down from Tamworth and put up its usual consistent display and a win is not for away for Rylee.

Racing Again next Saturday.

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