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Menangle Park Mini Trots Club Race 17th November

The kids had a wonderful night racing. Check out this photo finish in race 3! Winners for the night were Millifiore & Sarah Fox, Fireblaze & Milla Sutton, Nidya & Jayla Beresford, Crystal Ball & Mackenzie Gallagher.

Menangle Park Mini Trots Update | 17th November 2018 | Cobbity Equine Farm Sponsored

A huge thank you to our sponsor Cobbity Equine Farm.

Thank you Bryse for calling our races Our next meeting will be Dec 15th.

Here is the video of the Mini Trots Racing 3 at Menangle Park Mini Trots last 17th November 2018.

Below are the photos taken by the Menangle Park Mini Trots Club:

For any update of your local mini trotting club, you may send your article to "" and to "". You may also message the facebook page of New South Wales Mini Trotting Association.

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