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Kaleb Bublits, Kidz Kartz NSW Championship Representative

NSW Mini Trot Association welcome Kaleb Bublitz as New Zealand’s candidate for the NSW Championships to be held in Tamworth over Easter. Kaleb assists as a Stable hand for Mike Berger Racing Stables attends Cambridge High School and hobbies include playing rugby, playing the guitar and mountain biking

NSW Mini Trots Association Championship. Kaleb Bublitz. Kidz Kartz.

Kaleb is a senior member of the Waikato Kidz Kartz club, a committee member and a Drivers’ Representative for the other kids in the club where he is in his last season of Kidz Kartz which makes me the oldest and most experienced driver in the club. At club nights and local race nights he has had the chance to drive all the ponies over time. This has taught me about different manners and how to adjust his driving skills. His current pony Caramello won the Sheryl Tafft Memorial Cup and the Lizzie of RossLands Champion Pony in the N.Z Drivers’ Series. By being selected to represent New Zealand in the NSW Mini Trot Championship Kaleb sees it as an awesome opportunity for him to meet new people in the industry also to foster connections in Australia for the future if ever he decides to drive or send a horse there. Kaleb believes the championships would give him some very valuable life lessons that he would always remember and would be keen to learn and put into practice. It would exposes a whole different culture and driving styles. This would help educate him improve his knowledge of horses and driving. Kaleb sees it great honour to represent New Zealand and his Club at the NSW Mini Trots Championship as a really nice way to end his time in Kidz Kartz with lots of memories and stories for me to tell.

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