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Temora Carnival of Cups Saturday 14th Jan

Midget Carnival Cup Little Ratbag driven by Eliza Turton came home strong to take out first place with Seven driven by Laylah Forrest from Leeton to take out second with Ava Lemon coming 3rd place with Sunshine.


Shetland Carnival Cup Little Bugger came home by a nose driven by Nick Patterson with Cherokee driven by Leroy Shutherland coming second. Third place was Porsche driven by Jaxson Lemmon.

Ponies Carnival Cup My Little Rockstar came home to take out first place driven by Nikita Smith from Leeton. Little Jon came home second for Eliza Turton with third going to Zane Lemon on Oprah.

Race 4 It was Mini, Shetland and ponies all together for the last race. First place went to Little Midget driven by Shayla Ogylvie from Leeton who lead all the way with the crowd cheering Shayla on to the finish line. Cherokee came home 2nd with Leroy Sutherland and Little Bugger came home third for Nick Patterson. We will be racing at Junee on the 21st and 26th of January.

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