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Fisher's Ghost meeting at Menangle This Sunday

Menangle Park comes alive next Sunday with 36 mini trotters invited to participate at the Fisher Ghost meeting.

Fisher's Ghost Family Fun Day. NSW Mini Trots.

Ponies from different affiliated NSW clubs qualified for a start at the meeting from our NSW Championships.

Some ponies and drivers will be making their first appearance at the venue and excitement is sure to be high on the day.


On 17 June 1826 an English-born Australian farmer from Campbelltown named Frederick Fisher (born 28 August 1792 in London) suddenly disappeared. His friend and neighbour George Worrall claimed that Fisher had returned to England, and that before departing had given him power of attorney over his property and general affairs. Later, Worrall claimed that Fisher had written to him to advise that he was not intending to return to Australia, and giving his farm to Worrall.

Four months after Fisher's disappearance a respectable local man named John Farley, ran into the local hotel in a very agitated state. He told the astonished patrons that he had seen the ghost of Fred Fisher sitting on the rail of a nearby bridge. Farley related that the ghost had not spoken, but had merely pointed to a paddock beyond the creek, before disappearing.



1 Snowgood DAVIS Brodhi 393 2 Little Midget SMITH Dylan & Nikkita 396 3 Honeycombe EVANS Erin 412 4 Zoro FORMOSA Emmie 418 5 Hickory Park ALLPORT Kimberly 419 6 Mud Puddle ALLWRIGHT Chanel 434 7 Seven SMITH Nikkita 453 8 Timmy Tim Tam 462 9 Fat Chance ALLRIGHT Jonah 468 10 Egyptian Lady CHAPPLE Jack 481 11 Cariadus Grubbalugs 483 12 Starstrider VUJKOVIV Olivia 497


1 Skyline Blue BROWN Tanner 403 2 Silver Dreams LIGHTFOOT Yasmin 443 3 Apatchie Wind FORMOSA Carley 460 4 Cariadus Belle ODGERS Maximus 478 5 Batman O'MALLEY BIGENI Holly 495 6 Mr Rocket Fuel KIDDLE Rylee 495 7 This is Larry CUNNINGHAM Jay 503 8 Sweet As Honey HASLAM Mia 505 9 Markey MCELINNEY Caitlin 506 10 Major Jiba CASSAR Isabella 519 11 Little Squirt WIGGINS Harrison 519 12 APatchy Eyes 521


1 One in a Million KINLYSIDE Jeanna 501 2 Devil Dodger GALLAGHER Liam 534 3 Fast Forward GALLAGHER Joshua 537 4 Belverdere Warrior CUNNINGHAM Jay 555 5 Poppy GALLAGHER Joshua 567 6 Cariadus Material Girl McNAMARA Harry 575 7 Rookie Blue LOCKE Georgia 580 8 Ash's Boy KINLYSIDE Jeanna 585 9 Top Gear SHADLOW Corey 593 10 Gee Eye ALLWRIGHT Tyson 603 11 Teo JR HANCOCK Corey 615 12 The Stig GALLAGHER Joshua 663

Club Menangle have Fun for the Whole family planned. Featuring the final of the Indigenous Driver Series.

Also free admission, free fairy floss, free pony rides, free face painting, free children rides, free petting zoo, free show bags.

Menangle is the place to be Sunday 30th October.

Gates open at 11 am.

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