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Tamworth Mini Trots Will Hold Its 1st Meeting This Season

Tamworth Regional Mini Trots will conduct its first registered meeting of the season at Tamworth Paceway this Sunday 16th October in conjunction with the Tamworth Harness meeting.

The club has reformed and its pleasing to see mini trots once again in the regional and congratulations to all that have supported in recent times.

The club wish a special welcome back 8 members who will compete in two events.

The first Welcome Back Elle Chapple Trot after the second harness event and the second event Tamworth Regional Mini Trot after the third harness event.


  1. Slow Bro Sam Mitchell

  2. Coco Bango Brodhi Davis

  3. Pippyarta Cooper James

  4. Ity Bity Rooster Jack Chapple

  5. Egyptian Lady Elly Chapple

  6. Mr Rocket Fuel Rylee Kiddle

  7. Angus McGregor Molly Ison

  8. Mr Fantangle Tanner Brown.

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